Day: June 5, 2011

Cushman Meadows Patch

KMCW Cushman Meadows scenery of Bill Womack has required you to disable the crash detection in FSX options, but that’s over. Its patch 1.1 is

Ernie Alston – FSBuild 2.4

In the new version 2.4 of FSBuild, Ernie Alston brings three items : export to iFly 737NG, and to Google Maps,  and support of Navigraph

Article/Review: Ultimate City X: Buffalo/Niagara Falls

You know that town? That town with a name that makes you think of Texas? Indians? Cowboys? Yes, I’m talking about Buffalo, the town close to one of the most spectacular natural sights in the USA: Niagara Falls. It’s this town that I’m going to look at in this second instalment of “Ultimate City X”. I will once again combine addons to get the most out of them and that way try to recreate Buffalo as best as I can so that the approach to KBUF’s runway 5 will never be the same again.

Review: Equinox IT – fsClimate

Real weather applications for FSX are not as commonly developed as aircraft or scenery add-ons so it’s nice when we see a new one on the market. fsClimate from Equinox IT is one that was developed as a very basic weather generator and uses live data from NOAA. Let’s see if this app is worth spending your money on.

DBS “Follow Me” for FSX Updated

DBS Studio would like to announce that they have released Service Release Update 1.5 for their “Follow Me” add-on to Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The

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