Infinite Flight 1.4 for Windows Phone 7 is here!

Windows Phose 7 users may want to make their cellphone a flight simulator, using Infinite Flight.

In its last release, the developers added a 737-800 of Southwest Airlines and a Super Decathlon.

“Infinite Flight 1.4 brings 2 additional airplanes and new features!

Demand has been high for jet aircrafts, we’re listening, which is why we’re bringing a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800! It comes with flaps, spoilers, retractable landing gear, sounds…
Our second airplane is a Super Decathlon, an aerobatic tail-dragger aircraft with a 180HP engine.

We uploaded two videos showing the new airplanes in action:

Also, after having received numerous requests for a trial version, we’re enabling trial mode with this release.

Here is the full list of changes:5
– Added Boeing 737-800 (Southwest Airlines)
– Added Super Decathlon (180HP aerobatic tail-dragger)
– Added Rudder Control
– Support for retractable landing gear and spoilers
– Airplane wheels animation
– Added Pinch-to-Zoom for External Cameras
– Added Propeller wash
– Added Trial Mode
– Other performance improvements and bug fixes

More info at our blog:

You can also follow us on twitter at @FlyingDevStudio for latest updates and hints about the new features we’re working on.”

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