FS Magazin 4/2011 is coming soon!

The next issue of FS Magazin has some big titles in its summary.

From A2A Accusim Spitfire to the Diamond Katana 4X, from VFR Appalachia to US Cities X Cleveland, from vasFMC to Aerosoft Launcher… that’s interesting content to read about, for German speaking people.


“FS MAGAZIN 4/2011 will be published on June, 9th.

It is made as the summer issue with eight pages (!) more and a Plusreview for download with twelve (!) pages on sceneries for the caribbean.

Here is an excerpt from the contence:

– Short News

– Interview with Aerosoft’s Winfried Diekmann on the non beloved Launcher

– Exclusive interview with Austin Meyer on X-Plane 10

– US Cities X Cleveland
– Sharp confined outing: VFR Appalachia
– Cushman Meadows and Bear Gulch: Literally much to beautiful

– Old wine in new bottles: Coolskys Super 80
– Fly “The Sky Chief”: DC-2 from Uiver for FS X
– Diamond Katana 4X: The new masterpiece from Marcel Felde
– Spitfire from A2A with Accusim: Challenge without Dogfight

– Freeware with plenty of potenial: vasFMC
– Online flying at the own network: DAFSim

– Familiy reunion at PAD

Stopping by:
– EVS reloaded: Growth at Großbeeren

– A-10C Warthog by DCS: Das ugly-vicious one

As every time there is a lot more to see and read!

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