Regional PHOTO of French Islands HD

France has various overseas islands to discover in Caribbean area and Indian Ocean for instance.

They can be covered of HD aerial photographs with a custom mesh by the latest France VFR product (website in French only), and now also available at simMarket.

France VFR is happy to announce its latest release of Regional PHOTO for French Islands HD being the 3rd pane of its new series of photo scenery in high resolution coverage. The scenery covers the overseas French Islands: such as Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Martin (French Parts); Reunion and Mayotte within the Indian Ocean; French Guyane and St Pierre et Miquelon Islands.

Regional PHOTO product range provides high resolution photoreal and terrain mesh coverage for each island. This photoreal texture replaces the standard Microsoft Flight Simulator X® default scenery by 0.85 to 1m/pixel resolution ground textures obtained from IGN aerial photography with a real landscape. High resolution real 19m (LOD11) optimized custom mesh is included. Further local sceneries can be added onto this texture to provide a greater level of realism. The scenery benefits from the latest cutting out techniques on the coastline that allows an extremely precise cut out without any damages within the mesh .

Check out your future holiday locations on the screen-shots:

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