Fly Around The World Adventure with IYP

Your copilot Michelle of It’s Your Plane has many flights experience from all over the world to share with you.

Fly Around the World is a large collection of 268 flights of planned and documented real trips for fun and world exploration.



“An adventurous and challenging programme containing 268 Individual Flights.

Fly Around the World, with Michelle (a.k.a. Mike) your Co-Pilot, in your favorite General Aviation (GA) aircraft. Throughout this trip, Michelle, who has traveled these routes before, will be sitting in the right-hand seat ready to assist you and to let you know what experiences to expect en route. Robert Cezar, creator and developer of IYP spent hundreds of hours planning, plotting and documenting these “real” trips. You’ll be staying in real hotels and visiting real world locations. If you enjoy the challenge of “really flying”, then you will find this trip not only great fun but also very informative.

The Fly Around The World programme heads north and westwards from Oceano, California, up through Canada and across to Asia, southwards to Australia and the South Pacific Islands, across the Asian sub-continent, via Russia to Africa and then north to Europe. The program then heads back to explore Eastern Canada and the United States, turns south down to South America, and then up through Central America and Mexico, before finally returning to California.

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Fly Around The World is a feature for users operating the Registered version of It’s Your Plane (IYP); it is not available in the IYP Free version.

Helen Cooper
It’s Your Plane”

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