VRinsight Contest

VRinsight involves their customers in their next hardware and home-cockpit products development, filling an online form to write down their needs and expectations.

A VRinsight module of a maximum value 500 Eur will be offered for one of the submitted entries.

“VRinsight and SimWare Simulations team up to develop the next generation simulation hardware.

VRinsight and SimWare want to know users’ expectations !

What new device, module or control VRinsight should develop next ?

This can be for any simulation (flight, road/racing, train, ship, other) and platform (PC, Xbox, PS3, other).

Visit the page below and tell us what you need or what the current simulation offering is missing in terms of hardware :

If the project is selected, VRinsight and SimWare Simulations will offer one VRinsight module (maximum value : 500 Eur).

VRi modules are compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X/2004 and X-Plane.

The complete VRinsight product range is available from Simware and simMarket.”

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