ImagineSim – KDEN Denver Intl FS2004

Two months ago, Cal Lewin of ImagineSim announced he would revamp the previous FS2002 / FS2004 scenery of KDEN Denver released in 2005.

It’s now made for FS2004 only, and, the terminal buildings are rendered at 10cm per pixel among other visual improvements. Expect the FSX version some time in July.“Capacity, capacity, capacity. Whether it is airfield, passenger or cargo facilities, Denver International Airport has room to grow. Situated on 34,000 acres or 53 square miles, DEN is one of the largest airports in the world. From the expansive and beautiful Jeppesen Terminal to the state of
the art passenger facilities, Denver International Airport is renowned for aesthetics, aviation safety, customer satisfaction and passenger convenience. A major hub for United Airlines, it’s the USA’s fifth busiest airport, largest by land area, and the tenth busiest in the world.

Denver features custom made ground textures and runways, terminal, cargo and hanger buildings rendered to 10cm per pixel scale, an interactive docking system to park you right on your mark, taxiways with highly realistic concrete textures, full airport taxiway and runway signage, 3D approach lighting and full ILS navigation. Also included are hundreds of airport vehicles, aircraft can be found parked at custom textured parking positions, all hangers, cargo and airport auxiliary buildings are modeled, there is even a perimeter fence. […]”

Cal Lewin

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