Major update to FS Kneeboard for iPad

FS Kneeboard may become your regular flights companion to display your Virtual Airline documents, charts or check-lists.

Its last update enables you to plot waypoints on IFR / VFR charts and the check-lists module has been entirely revised for more reliability.

“Inquisitive Graphics is very happy to announce the release of FS Kneeboard version 1.5.

This update upgrades nearly the entire app adding features and enhancing performance across the board. In this update the following new features have been added:

* Added the ability to plot waypoints on the IFR and VFR charts.

*IFR and VFR charts now return to the last viewing position after being reopened.

* Added 8-page, comprehensive manual.

* Completely changed the Checklists portion of the app so that it is much easier to use and is more reliable. You can now edit all checklists (not just user created ones). You can also use the file sharing feature of iTunes to share checklists you have created with other FS Kneeboard users. Feel free to share your checklists on AVSIM!

* Converted the MyCharts tab into a full internet browser. The “chartsets” you have already created still work in the same way, but the section works more like a standard internet browser allowing you to enter URLs, as well as navigate back and forward. The My Docs tab has also been migrated into the browser allowing you to view any PDFs you import into the app.

* It’s now possible to create and edit your bookmarks (chartlists) inside the app.

* The Info page now displays a list of Charts and Terminal Procedures that have been saved to the device making it easier to find and delete saved charts.

*Streamlined update process.

* Weather page has been completely re-done and will now display weather information for over 7,000 airports worldwide.

* Added a zulu clock to the weather page.

* Enhanced the crosswind calculator to be more interactive.

* Performance enhancements.

* Full manual included in the app (go to the browser and selct, “My Documents” More information can be found at

For more information, contact Noah Bryant at

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