Fernando de Noronha for FSX available

Fernando de Noronha is not the developer’s name but the real paradisiac island designed for FSX that you can find now at simMarket.

Found in Atlantic Ocean but “just” 200nm away from Brasilian coast, you can install a very detailed island made for VFR flight but that you can reach after an IFR flight. Did you say perfect for any pilot ?

“Over 200 miles offshore from the Brazilian Coast, Fernando de Noronha is a must-have scenery.

The main island has an area of 18,4 squares kilometers (7,1 and its beaches are promoted for tourism.

Fernando de Norohna is a place for recreational diving. This amazing scenery tries to bring the best of VFR flying, to watch sailers, fish boats and a rich fauna, and a fun and challenging approach.

  • visual rich Fernando de Noronha airport SBFN airport
  • photoreal Fernando de Norohna archipelago
  • manually placed Autogen
  • custom realistic landmarks and historical buildings”
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