Update 1.5.1 for DBS FollowMe FSX

DBS Studios keeps upgrading their tool FollowMe FSX, now to version 1.5.1.

It can be purchased at simMarket, and the complete enhancements list from version 1.5.0 will display after you click on Read full story.



In update 1.5, we fixed the problem with transparent interface windows on some computers.

And from update 1.5.0:

  • Transparency processing BGL scenery files;
  • Selecting between BGL processing and external airport database (in Settings dialog);
  • External airport database updating directly from simulator (in Addons/FollowMe menu);
  • Selecting between transparent interface windows and classic windows dialogs (in Settings dialog);
  • Menu “Addons/FollowMe Window” to open main dialog window without keyboard shortcuts;
  • Settings dialog to adjust car speed, car distance, car type, keyboard shortcut;
  • Assigning car to airport in Settings dialog;
  • Helicopter taxiing mode – up to 100 ft taxiing altitude;
  • Improved scanning of AFCAD files in right order.

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