Flight Sim Designs – Fort Lauderdale X Revisited

Common people outside US relate Florida with Miami, Tampa, Orlando.. but what about Fort Lauderdale ? It’s also a tourists destination, and it’s far to be the worse of all.

It’s known for its luxuous yachts in numerous marinas, the kind of superyachts you see. That’s a “revisited” photoreal scenery with higher quality terrain, better resolution, smooth transition with default scenery..“Flight Sim Designs today released a monumental update to its best selling photo real scenery, Fort Lauderdale X.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a popular tourist destination and is one of the most popular flight training area in the United States.

The scenery includes the Fort Lauderdale area and it’s surrounding suburbs, in Broward County. The scenery incorporates 15cm per pixel to 30cm per pixel high resolution orthoimagery, recently captured to give the most realism.

Other features include color correction, blend and water masks, cloudless (stainless) imagery,custom AI car traffic on the photoreal roads and much more. […]”

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