Captain Sim Releases B737-100 Exterior Model


As a part of their Pro Line Products Nostalgy Series, Captain Sim has released the exterior model only of their Boeing 737-100.

“The 737-100 was 94ft (28.65m) long, carried 115 passengers and had an MTOW of just 42,411Kgs, less than half that of the current -900 series. The original choice of powerplant was the Pratt & Whitney JT8D-1 at 14,000Lbs thrust, but by the time negotiations with Lufthansa had been completed the JT8D-7 was used. The -7 was flat rated to develop the same thrust at higher ambient temperatures than the -1 and became the standard powerplant for the -100.

Just 30 series 100’s were built, with 22 going to Lufthansa, 5 for Malaysia Airlines and 2 for Avianca. The last airworthy 737-100, L/N 3 which first flew 12 June 1967 was finally retired from Aero Continente in Peru as OB-1745 in 2005.”*

Key Features:
        • 4X** high resolution textures of three popular liveries (Air Florida, Continental, Lufthansa)
        • Hundreds of realistic animations
        • Animation control panel
        • 3D transparent windows
        • Passengers
        • Stewardess model (various airline uniforms)
        • Wing flex
        • Wing vortices
        • Self-shade
        • Pre-saved views

Many more details are listed on their website, including a YouTube video. Take a trip back into time!


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