Drubware – FS Cabin Crew


Focused on the flight attendant announcement, FS Cabin Crew brings one Engish voice set.

You can add your own voices, or wait for more sets promised by Drubware in its product description.

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  1. I bought this tool today, but it doesen’t work as it should.
    The triggers are very bad. For a payware addon like PMDG NGX you can forgot it.

    Further the problem starts with the parking break trigger. If you start the tool with parking break set, the second crew sound is playing instead the first one. I’ts the stupid copilot of the tool who is unset the parking break on the first startup.

    As workaround you must start the tool with parking break unset, then the copilot sets the parking break and the first crew sound is playing. LOL.

  2. I bought this tool too and for me it works great. I haven’t tested it with PMDG NGX because I don’t have it but with all my aircrafts works well.

    And I have no problems with the triggers. If I start the tool withouth the parking brake set, the copilot sets it but if I start the tool with the parking brake already set, the copilot doesn’t unset it. So, it works well. Perhaps is in some aircrafts?

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