RAZBAM’s Convair F/A-201 Kestrel

Never heard of this one? Well, don’t be entirely surprised. RAZBAM’s latest release is the first in their “What-If?” line-up of products, as the product page states, “These are aircrafts that never left the design stage, but are interesting enough for us to see how they handled.”

The Convair F/A-201 was to be a single-seat carrierborne and land based aircraft, one version with vectored nozzles for lift and all with an advanced “Fly-by-Wire” control system to support them. This is sounding more and more like another, more modern, aircraft by the minute, isn’t it?

Well, unfortunately, the Convair jet never went into service – beaten into production by the loser of the USAF’s lightweight fighter program, called the YF-17, which went on to be the USN’s current “Hornet” series of aircraft. Unlike real world aviators, though, you now have the chance to fly what never was. For further details and screenshots, plus to purhcase your copy, see the product page at simMarket here.

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