RAZBAM Kestrel Competition(s!)

You will hopefully have seen the release of RAZBAM’s latest aircraft, the Convair F/A-201 Kestrel, a few days ago. Well now, for registered owners, there’s a competition to go along with it. Actually, three competitions, each of which has three prizes attached.

The three competitions are for repaints, edited screenshots and un-edited screenshots, each category being ranked with prizes of :

– 1st place : a full year (360 days) “RAZBAM membership”, that means that you´ll get all the add ons RAZBAM produce in that time frame for FREE!
– 2nd place: A 6 month “RAZBAM membership”, same as above..
– 3rd place: The add on of your choice, if you happen to own all their current products, you can opt for a future one.

In order to be eligible to enter, as previously mentioned, you will need to be a licensed user of the package and will need to register the product with RAZBAM using your order number as proof of purchase.

For full details visit this RAZBAM forum page and to keep up with progress, their Facebook page here.

Best of luck!

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