CERA Simaircraft Bell 222 released

Hands up all those who are now humming, whistling or at least thinking about the theme from Airwolf at this point? Yes, that includes the guy at the back who’s trying to hide in shame…

Unfortunately there’s no fictional conversions included here, but for those FSX helicopter pilots who prefer the real roles fulfilled by the Bell 222 helicopter (from which TV’s Airwolf was modified, for those who don’t remember the ’80s show), CERA Simcraft have now created one. CERA are already known for their B212 and B412 aircraft which have been extremely well received by the community, so hopefully this one will be too.

CERA’s B222 comes in two different variants, covering passenger and EMS use, with nine liveries included and a paint kit. For full details see the product page on simMarket here. It’s probably worth pointing out that the Acceleration add-on pack for FSX is required to use this aircraft.

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  1. ROFLOL at Airwolf reference, those were the days. Only, no shame here, steadily approaching 40 years old (36, actually).

    They don’t make ‘m anymore like Airwolf, Blue Thunder, etc. Where has all the creativity gone? Into videogames probably. But still miss that eighties retro stuff on TV, says the old fart…

  2. There’s a repaint kit included… Come on, someone with PhotoShop and a bit of ability just has to do it. 😉

    Ian P.

  3. Watched Airwolf as a kid, just watched Blue Thunder again the ohter day, great movie.

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