FlightSim Greenland Releases BGBW “Narsarsuaq X”

FS Greenland has another freeware package ready for download.

Narsarsuaq X for FSX only is a custom and realistic mesh covering all South Greenland, about 13.000 sq. miles. In fact, you will get also missions, but also accurately placed, upgraded or even new airports.

Read their press release or go direct to download in GreenlandX section on their new website.




“Narsarsuaq X scenery package is the most real mesh for Flight Simulator X for South Greenland.

This area covers more than 13,000 Sq. miles.


The mesh data is made from ASTER GDEM data. While ASTER GDEM data is not nearly refined as STRM source data, the data is the best data for Greenland.

The raw ASTER GDEM data is not without its problems, but I have remake large areas to make it useful.

But it’s not only the mesh which have been reworked. The coastline and islands are reworked for this release. Like the lakes and rivers are. Custom made buildings have been included. Photo Scenery for BGBW area in all season variation.


Narsarsuaq (BGBW) is moved to the right position, added custom made buildings.


Following places are added to the scenery:

– Qaqortoq Helistop (BGJH), and buildings.

– Narsaq Helistop (BGNS), and buildings.

– Nanortalik Helistop (BGNN), and buildings.

– Qassimiut Helistop (BGQT), and buildings.

– Eqalugaarsuit Helistop (BGET), and buildings.

– Ammassivik Helistop (BGAS), and buildings.

– Alluitsup Paa Helistop (BGAP), and buildings.

– Tasiusaq Helistop (BGTQ), and buildings.

– Narsarmijit Helistop (BGFD), and buildings.

– Aappilattoq Helistop (BGAQ), and buildings.

– Angissoq Loran Station Buildings have been added with helistop – no ICAO.

– Nalunaq Guldmine Buildings and a helistop – no ICAO.

– Saarloq buildings have been added – no helistop.

– Igaliko buildings have been added – no helistop.

– Qorlortorsuaq Hydro Power Plant – no helistop.

– Hvalsey Church Ruin (Qaqortukulooq) custom ruin building.

– Several fictional places with helistop or airstrips.


This release have redefined land class for the area. This gives you a more realistic land class.



We have made some missions aswell. You can find the missions under “Just for Fun”.

Added missions are:

– Angissoq Loran Station: Fly from Nanortalik helistop to Angissoq Helistop.

– Glacier station Trip: Fly a waterplane (FSX Standard) from the Narsarsuaq Harbour to the Glacier Station.

– Nalunaq Guld Mine: Fly from Nanortalik to the Nalunaq Guld Mine.

– Tele Naja Service: Fly from Narsarsuaq to the Tele site Naja.


REQUIREMENT FOR MISSIONS: “Sikorsky S-61N OY-HAG, Photoreal text…”, which you can find in our helicopter download section.


Visit FlightSim Greenland webpage at and see screen shots, and download the scenery.”

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll be getting this one shortly.

    I remember watching a series on TV, years ago, which included some episodes about delivering GA aircraft across the Atlantic, most of which included a stop at Narsasuaq. They spent a long time sitting there, describing fog-bound approaches, scud running up a dead end valley, with fuel gauges reaching empty.

    Definitely sounds like something to try in the sim, rather than the real world, I think!

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