Farming Simulator 2011 Expands

It’s back and bigger than ever… I mean, have you seen the size of that thing in the picture?

Seriously, we may still not quite understand the popularity of Astragon’s Farming Simulator packages, but for the many of you who use them, or have considered getting it, there are now two new packages available, the first an expansion to the existing Farming Simulator 2011 and the second a whole new version, including the official add-on, but also with an exclusive piece of equipment included.

The Farming Simulator 2011 Official Addon brings together the contents of DLC packs 1, 2 and 3, along with the exclusive content of the Collector’s Edition. Six new pieces of farming equipment are added, along with 13 new trailers and the ability to generate and sell your own ‘green’ energy in the form of wind, solar and ‘biogas’ generation equipment.

For those who do not already have the sim, Farming Simulator 2011 Platinum Edition brings together the original package, plus the official addon and also the exclusive Bergmann Shuttle 900K large silage wagon.

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