MegaScenery Earth Airports Turns 100!

To cover some parts of USA with satellite textures at 1 or 2m per pixels, there is MegaScenery Earth delivering the selected areas through download links from their online store.

And exists also MegaScenery Earth Airports, to populate those large photoreal areas with some upgraded airports for the areas you are interested in. There are now one hundred airports listed on the following link.

MegaScenery¬†Earth Airports is proud to announce it now lists 100 airports in its catalog and the number continues to grow every week. In operation now for just over a year and nominated for an AVSIM Reader’s Choice award, the website provides a resource for finding high quality freeware airports that can be used with MegaScenery Earth satellite scenery. These airports all feature accurate taxiways, runways, parking, object placement and more.

Much of the scenery is developed “in house” by the website creator but there are other sceneries like Al Wheeler’s Central California Coast airports that are featured here as well.

The airport catalog can be searched in various ways, including airport ICAO, airport properties (hard/soft runways, towered airports, airports that support helicopters, etc.) and geographically on a Google map with pins for each airport. Come on by and check it out, you may finally find a good reason to invest in some satellite scenery if you’re not already an owner of MegaScenery Earth. Explore many new destinations for the General Aviation pilot!”

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