TS2012 NEC Route Updated & New Add-ons

The first existing DLC for’s “Railworks 2” package to be updated to the new Train Simulator 2012 platform has been released, along with a new add-on for the route and a package deal for the collection.

The Northeast Corridor pack, which was the final RW2 DLC to become available, covers the route between Boston and Washington DC, described by the developers as the “United States’ premier passenger railroad line”. The base pack itself, currently available at 33% discount through the Steam online store, covers 90 miles of track and includes a single AEM-7 locomotive plus stock.

Additional to the NEC pack, however, you can now also purchase the General Electric P42DC Genesis locomotive and the high-speed Acela Express package. It may be a better option right now, however, to purchase all three together, in the form of the “US Commuter Value Pack“.

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