VATSIM Pilot Ratings…

Flying online is not just fun because you are connected with other real people as pilots or ATC controllers.

It’s an efficient way to learn the actual ATC phraseology and procedures, but also to practice English if it’s not your mother language. Add to that VATSIM helps you to learn basics ..

“Do you want to know how to :

  • Install and configure the necessary software to competently fly online with ATC Services.
  • Interpret weather conditions.
  • File a simple, legal, and safe Flight Plan.
  • Fly correct headings, altitudes, and speeds.
  • Gain a basic knowledge of Radio procedures and phrasing

Join VATSIM and its training partners, and get your pilot rating today!

Visit for further information.

VATSIM’s ATOs are places where official pilot training takes place, and can award pilot ratings.


Delta Virtual Airlines

Fly UK Virtual Airways

Portugal vACC

Southwest Virtual Airlines

VATEUD Pilot Training

Virtual Northwest Airlines

Canadian Xpress VA”

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