X-Plane 10 engine and roads

When the development team of X-Plane 10 exposed their Autogen engine, hope and admiration were spread in a much larger community than just in X-Plane users circles.

Maybe another wave of supporters will wait for X-Plane 10 release when they see this new run of roads automatically generated by X-Plane 10.

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  1. This is pure innovation. With this ground breaking scenery engine, xplane 10 will score a big point against MS Flight. The latter seems for now, nothing more than a polished version of fsx… nothing innovative is mentioned or previewed in Flight screens, after 6 years of PC vs v-reality technological evolution, MS has no vision beyond making a polished FSX to try again and see if they can sell it for the masses…… Long live Xplane!

  2. It looks like a brand new sim city from some perspectives. Crisp and clear. Unbelievable detail for a flight simulator.

  3. It looks fantastic and, by the sounds of it, the roads may well be in the right places this time (roughly, at least).

    If XP10 can come with landclass or some other method of autogenerated scenery that puts towns and cities in the right place as well, allowing at least basic VFR flight, then it may finally be becoming a contender.

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