Latest simMarket releases

Realflying – Cockpit Beechcraft KingAir C90GT : a real life flight filmed in Germany. Download 1,18 Gb to watch the full AVCHD Quality + Stereo Sound video.

TSS – Airbus 3XX IAE-V2500 HD soundpack : the V2500 engines equipe the Airbus A3XX airplanes family and the soundsets are brought to you in HD quality for FS2004 or FSX.

Skysoft – Linzhi Milin Airport Tibet FS2004 :

Aero Studios – ASDE-X : the makers of ATC Simulator have an expansion for FSX to “act as the controller using the air traffic tower position” of FSX, and inspired by the real ASDE-X equipment.

Oryxsim – Calgary Okotoks Air Park X : an air park community in Canada with its airport and for VFR flying of course !

Sonic Solutions – Sound designer Toolkit II : 194 sounds library for commercial, freeware or just personal use, sorted in 10 categories : aircraft, ambience, vehicles, radio calls…

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