More RS2012 Scenarios from T&D

Trains and Drivers are back, offering more products to our train driving readers in the run-up to the Christmas season, and indeed they are back en-masse!

Following on from their previous three releases for The Port Road (UK) and the US North East Corridor and Horseshoe Curve routes, they have now added volumes 3 through to 6 of their non-NEC packages.

Volume 3 covers the Canadian Bay of Quinte route in 1980, Volume 4 is back to the UK and the 1960s on the Bath to Templecombe route, Volume 5 adds more scenarios to the Horseshoe Curve route and finally Volume 6 takes you back to The Port Road again as well for some shunting duties.

As with almost all TS2012/Railworks add-ons, you’ll find that the scenarios require a lot of other free- and payware addons above the default sim to use. Check the product pages carefully to ensure you have all the requirements before making your purchase!

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