Navigraph covers 1500 airports

Each month, Navigraph updates the navigational data, supporting plenty of add-ons for our wide variety of needs.

If not installed yet, you need the nDac software and then you’re invited to purchase credits to download the selected data according to your needs.

That’s not the only part of Navigraph activity. Beside tutorial videos to teach reading enroute maps and airport charts, they keep making grow their database with more airports, more charts, which are then updated when required. The latest note they dropped us indicate “55 airports have been added to a total of 1,500 airports, with 30,010 charts in total. The new and revised airport charts are distributed over 501 airports worldwide. […] Including this expansion of the coverage there are 54 updated enroute charts in total. The majority of enroute charts covering Europe and Asia have been updated.


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