Day: December 9, 2011

Zinertek – World Environment 2012

httpv:// Among all environment textures add-ons you have heard about, Zinertek is one of the name we can feel confident with according to their previous

GTR3 by SimBin

GTR series have been popular race cars simulators on PC.. And I remember the first title set back a quality sim on our home PCs

Active Sky 2012 preview video

httpv:// Skip the first 30 seconds so you can watch the interesting but very little content of Active Sky 2012 preview in action.

ProTrain Perfect 2 Gold Edition

Another one for those of our readers who are fluent in German, Halcyon Media have just released the Gold Edition of their “ProTrain Perfect 2”

AES Major Update Testing

We said the other day that AES designer Oliver Pabst had been busy with Version 2.14, well, apparently he’s been busier than we thought he

simMarket Special Christmas Newsletter

Let’s celebrate Christmas together with you and simMarket, we wish you a Merry Christmas ! The shop has started its Special Christmas newsletters series to

Aerosoft Andras Field 1.20

Should we define Andras Field as a social game in FSX ? It’s a buzzword, but in reality, they follow in the footsteps of Lago Emma Field, a much older scenery that initiated  the concept

Air Traffic Controller 3 – Tokyo Bigwing

httpv:// “I’m an Air Traffic Controller 3 – Tokyo Bigwing” is a japanese tower control simulation shipping on DVD-rom. Teamed with Technobrain studios, the famous

Nemeth Designs AS350 preview

Those who remember June 2011 announcement of Nemeth Designs operations suspended should forget it, when they see the AS350 preview. Their first development shots appeared

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