AES Major Update Testing

We said the other day that AES designer Oliver Pabst had been busy with Version 2.14, well, apparently he’s been busier than we thought he had!

Over on the Aerosoft AES Forum, Oliver has posted screenshot of some major changes that he has made to improve the product and labelled it AES 2.20, although it includes no new airports over 2.14  and is not yet an official release.

With a number of changes made to the realism of the product compared to AES 2.1x, Oliver has invited AES users to help him test them with a wider variety of aircraft and airports than he can do alone or with the usual beta team.

For details of the changes being made, limitations and links for both the AES 2.20 installer plus feedback/bug reporting, please see his post at Aerosoft.

In order to test more airports with the new features, you may need more credits which are, of course, available here.

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