80h non-stop ATC event

“Around the clock” is the name of the event organized by the Isreal division of VATSIM.

It will start on Thursday 22.12.11 14:00z and will end on Sunday 25.12.11 22:00z, note that Friday 24 is planned to have full ATC coverage.


Once a year VATIL organizes a special event which brings all of our virtual air traffic controllers together to provide ATC services for the Israeli airspace in VATSIM.

This special event combines special equipment that is organized in such a way which exposes our virtual air traffic controllers to a simulated real word ATC environment.

This year our event starts on Thursday 22.12.11 14:00z and Ends Sunday 25.12.11 22:00z.

During these days we have organized 3 main phases :

  • 23.12 – Virtual Airlines Day:
    We hope to see “waves” of VATSIM VAs flying to ISRAEL. Any VATSIM VA who would like to join us please send us E-mail via our special event inbox:atc@vatil.org.il
    From the South to the North – Domestic flight are more then welcome!
  • 25.12 – Real Ops Day
    Including Real World Flight schedule and booking system!
  • Booking System

All Notams and Charts can be found at our website:

For “4 STEP FLYING ISRAEL” check: http://www.vatil.org.il/fly/

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