FSX Slovenia Terrain Mesh Makeover

We’re sure that when most people visit the area around their homes in default FSX scenery, one of the first things that they notice is that the hill with the distinct crest in the real world has become ‘somewhat rounded off’ in the sim, or that the local river valley has  simply vanished!

The reason for this is that for cost and size reasons, FSX ships with most of the world covered by, at best, 32m mesh – meaning that the points used to create the mesh are 32m apart, which is enough to completely miss many geographical features.

The Slovenia Scenery Team, SST, have now released a little bit more of the world in much higher detail, with 10m resolution mesh for the East of Slovenia, complementing, but not only usable with, their previously released scenery for this region.

The difference is clearly visible in the supplied screenshots, so head on over to the product page and check it out!

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