Buckin’ Bronco!

Just beating the end of the year break for most people in the Western world, Aerosoft have released their Rockwell OV-10 Bronco model for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Pretty much unmistakable in shape and performance, the OV-10 hails from a time when aircraft were getting faster, turns were getting wider and pilots’ outside visibility was being reduced dramatically – none of which are good traits in a COIN (Counter Insurgency) aircraft; thus the Bronco was developed.

Featuring a mass of glass, two far from underpowered turboprops and serious off-tarmac performance, the type has lingered in export service long beyond its life expectancy and groups such as the OV-10 Bronco Association, German Wing, who helped Aerosoft with development of this add-on, still display them to great effect at airshows now.

For more details on the Aerosoft Ov-10 Bronco and to spend the last of your Christmas bonus, look here!

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