Sascha W. Felix

It is with the greatest of regret that we have to pass on the news of the death of another member of the flight simming and development communities.

Many of us will at least know of, if we have not communicated with, Sascha W. Felix who was one of the authors of the popular FS Commander product that offered flight planning and more for a number of flight simulators and add-ons.

Sascha passed away on January 4th 2012 and will be missed by both the community and his friends and family.

In this post on the FS Commander forum, announcing the passing of his co-author, Volker Heine states that the product will continue to be developed according to Sascha’s wishes.

On a personal note: Sascha was one of the very first developers that trusted his product to us, over 12 years ago, for sale on our new shop at the time called the FSShareCenter. We owe him thanks for over 12 years of work together based upon cooperation and trust .

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