Rise of Flight Sale (Yes, Another One!)

In their latest newsletter, Rise of Flight developers 777 Studios announce that, to celebrate the New Year, they are holding another sale on all but their latest (pre-order only) aircraft.

In celebration of the beginning of the New Year we are happy to offer our biggest aircraft and field mods sale to date! If you have not completely filled out your ROF hangar, now is the time to do so. All planes (except Halberstadt CL.II) and field mods are on sale! Go create your own special bundle at awesome savings! Don’t forget that you can purchase planes as a Gift for your friends and squadron mates. All aircraft and field mods are available at the ROF Store.

The base package is, as last time, still available at simMarket in box or download formats, or you can download the Free to Play version with just  the Spad XIII and Albatros D.Va from the RoF Website.

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