Microsoft Flight release announced

Microsoft finally announced Flight release date 29 February 2012. At , there will be the free simulator ready to download covering only the big island of Hawaii. For now, there are new screens and a preview video Webisode 6.

On the same day, Microsoft will sell the Hawaiian Adventure Pack (Vans RV-6A aircraft + 20 missions + more islands), and two aircraft more Maule M-7-260C, North American P-51 Mustang. Each item will be a download product only available online via Games for Windows – Live service.

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  1. I personally will not be buying Microsoft Flight. I will stick to FS9, then install my copy of FSX after a computer upgrade, or perhaps try Xplane 10.

  2. Is MS Flight a testbed platform for Microsoft for their next complete global simulation release to follow FSX?

    I understand the MSFlight product concept and it’s lowered scope of realism, terrain, and detail coverage. I hope Microsoft does not depart from pursuing a next step to the Flight Simulator X as a comprehensive simulation.

  3. i will continue to use fsx…if microsoft thinks flight is i-tunes not a good idea…most emprovements came from external developers and excluding them is a bad bad idea.

  4. That, William, is to me the strongest argument agains leaving the freeware community out of the game. Freeware was an undeniable moving force in flight simulation, with the best creators pushing the envelope and some of their ideas being adopted or implemented in the sim’s next version.

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