Good bye Malev : operations ceased

Launched in 1946, the Hungarian airline company Malev ceased operations a few days ago. It made part of One World alliance, including British Airways, Qantas, American Airlines, Iberia, Cathay Pacific… An important passengers notice is now displayed when you visit Malev website to give you informations about tickets refund.

The Malev pilots were sad to return 14 aircraft back to their lessor IFLC at Shannon, Ireland. One of these pilots tells his story here.

“About midnight we arrived at EINN, have landed one after the other and rolled in formation to salute the past history. We stopped one after the other, on the taxiway, where we had allocated parking slots. We stopped, unloaded, and turned off the lights, our planes were in the dark. It was awful, we had to leave them there. We hoped in a call saying “return the aircraft”. It was only a dream or a bad joke. But nothing came. They stayed there. All. : – (“

To remain in memories, there are still this Malev DVD of Just Planes, and Malev Virtual airline.

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