“Ultimate Africa” Terrain mesh for FSX in Development

Fabio Trojan of ESC Sceneries has been in contact, to announce that they are working on a high quality mesh covering Africa, initially for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Pretty much anyone who has flown in Africa in the sim and knows anything about the majority of the continent in the real world agrees that it is probably the least interesting – and least accurate, which causes the lack of features – area of the world to fly over in anything other than an airliner. Although it won’t solve all the problems, a high quality mesh would go a long way towards improving them, so this product may well be worth watching as it develops.

Expected for release in Q2 or Q3 2012 via simMarket, progress on ESC Sceneries Design “Ultimate Africa” can be followed as it is posted to their blog, which is found here. Additionally, a couple more WiP screnshots can be seen by clicking on “Read More” below.

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