Taburet’s photoreal Europe for X-Plane expands

Taburet’s attempts to overwrite X-Plane 10’s “plausible world” with autogen enhanced photoscenery continue with today’s release of Berlin for Laminar’s latest version of their simulator.

According to the developer’s information, the scenery features “176094 buildings, 5557 forests, 274 objects and a photorealistic base coverage” with data for the latter provided by once more by OpenStreetMap. More screenshots and details can be found here.

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  1. Nice idea but the underlying textures look very low-res and blurred. XP10’s base textures are much better so I don’t understand why the author used these blurry ones.

  2. XP10’s base textures are generic. They’re designed to be (and are) used absolutely anywhere that the “plausible world” procedural engine decides to put them.

    Therefore they may look nice, but they’re not in the right places. Taking a slightly extreme example, if Laminar had chosen to use an overhead image of Times Square for their default “large city” texture then you’d see Times Square in Chicago, Los Angeles, Beijing, London, Berlin… The procedural engine puts things where it guesses they would be appropriate to go. Not where they should be.

    By replacing those procedural engine tiles with a referenced real-world photoreal texture, you put the roads, buildings, parks, etc. where they should be.

    That’s the theory at least. Not being an XP10 user, let alone having any add-ons for it, I don’t know how well Taburet has done it.

    1. Hi Ian, thanks. I understand the principle and what the author is trying to achieve, but as an XP10 user and potential customer I definitely wouldn’t buy with those low-res textures. Some sharper ones would make all the difference. 🙂

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