Just Planes: Miami Int’l 20 years


Close to 10 hours of action!!!
More than 240 airlines!
Filmed from 1993 through 2012!
800 takeoffs & landings!
From the Classic oldies to the B747-8!

It is a huge joy for Just Planes to be bringing you this very special program of Miami International Airport. Filmed during 20 years from 1993 onwards you are going to see a variety of airlines here like never seen on any Airport program, so many who no longer exist and while there is a big load of classics aircraft on here it goes all the way to the new generation even including a brief view of the newest A380 and B747-8.”

That’s how Just Planes advertise their latest NTSC DVD package available now through simMarket and, with such a wide array of aircraft, there’s sure to be something there for pretty much every airliner fan. For more details and to order, click here.

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