MilViz F-15E at simMarket

The McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) F-15E Strike Eagle is the most modern incarnation of the iconic aircraft, seating 2 crew rather than the interceptor variants’ single pilot and with the ability to carry significantly more fuel, weight and variety of ordinance into combat.

Although the name implies that it is the “mud moving” variant of the venerable fighter, the F-15E is actually more than capable of holding its own in the air as well, which is probably partially why it is such a popular model with the simulator fraternity – Microprose based an entire sim around the type, while we have at least two available for FSX users as well.

The Military Visualisations (MilViz) F-15E features a long list of functionality, including enhanced airbases and AI so if you are a fan of modern military aviation, you will probably want to check it out!

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