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Found it: you have to copy the 2 mesh_himalaya… files in the “simMarket/Paro International Airport FSX/scenery” directory that worked for me

Thank you all very much and sorry i thought i was on thai creations forum, i tried your advises fs_him_01 is nice but didn t take off the walls around the airport, taking away the oldest vqpr file gave me a second runway floating in the air, probably at the right elevation but all the taxiways and airport buildings stayed 200 meters lower :)…I’m still investigating and i’ll let you know

Of course it does depend on what you mean by “a bowl” – a duplicate AFD will tend to cause crashes or, depending on layering, the taxiways to be at a different level than the ground surface. 99.9% of AFDs these days exclude ones below them, so that only tends to be an issue if someone has given an alternate ICAO name for some reason. Actually… I just re-read my own article and this is probably the answer, from the product page itself: Important!!!! please read carefully and do as instructed. Mesh in the FSX is not good. The airport… Read more »

Daniel, you could have a duplicate AFCAD installed. Search, inside FS directory, for files with the ICAO name of the airport and notice if more than one shows up in different folders. If so, disable the oldest one by changing the extension or moving it somewhere else. If this is too difficult for you, there’s an utility available in Avsim or that scans for duplicated afcad files automaticaly. You’ll have to do some digging as I can’t remember its name. But Ian’s suggestion is a good one too.

Not a news article, but there’s the video that Sebastien linked to:

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