Wilco 737PIC Evolution in a Box

The Wilco/FeelThere/Aeroplane Heaven737PIC Evolution” product is now available from simMarket as a Deluxe boxed product – although according to the product information, the boxed version does still require the same internet activation as its download.

Although there are a veritable plethora of Boeing 737 add-ons out there, Wilco’s product is, at present, the only one to recreate the “Classic” series of -300, -400 and -500 series aircraft in Microsoft FSX. Slightly unusually, as more users switch to 64-bit operating systems for the advantages they bring with them, the product also states specifically that these are not supported.

If you are still using a 32-bit OS, however, the 737PIC Evolution package comes with 36 liveries, the aforementioned three variants and an impressive line-up of features and systems. Full product information can be found here.

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