Day: May 1, 2012

Texas turn-around for Robert

The second season of 2012 started today at iRacing, bringing the new tracks, new format for rookie oval drivers and the Cadillac CTS-VR into the

JustFlight site update

JustFlight have followed up their recent release of the English Electric Lightning with a complete refresh and redesign of their website, accompanied by a sale

“Teaser” trailer of Orbx Stewart scenery

Orbx have released the above preview trailer, showing their upcoming scenery of Stewart (CZST) airport in British Columbia, Canada. The scenery, of course, takes advantage

German Airports 3 2012 video

httpv:// This video shows well the vehicles animations, night effects and airport scenery insertion in the FSX world you could find in German Airports 3.


PFPX stands for Professional Flight Planner X. Here and there in simmers forums, we can read how much the community is eagerly waiting for it.

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