PFPX stands for Professional Flight Planner X. Here and there in simmers forums, we can read how much the community is eagerly waiting for it. And it’s easy to understand why : it’s being developed by the same team who made TOPCAT, the highly detailed and accurate preflight calculation / dispatch tool.

Latest news report the actual work aims at Navigraph updates and external add-ons support, and TOPCAT integration to complete.

PFPX will add in your pilot docs the flight plan with the advanced features one can expect like NAT and PACOT routes, SID/STARs, Airac Cycles updates by Navigraph, RVSM or standard cruise flight altitudes systems, and ETOPS rules among others.

And it will be able to integrate TOPCAT data for a complete dispatch preflight file. Of course it will also export the flight plan file to your aircraft FMC or other tool you may have.

After PFPX release, Christian Grill intends to update again TOPCAT for other add-on aircraft according to the community needs, maybe the 737 NGX.

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