Texas turn-around for Robert

The second season of 2012 started today at iRacing, bringing the new tracks, new format for rookie oval drivers and the Cadillac CTS-VR into the main schedule. Indeed the Cadillac has its own series, the “Cadillac Cup“, opening at Mosport for the first week of twelve. It’s also brought your editor his Class A license, even though I tend to finish midfield in class D races… I wonder how I get demoted again without turning every race into a demolition derby?

Anyway. A new season means that the squeal of rubber on tarmac will be resounding from many speakers as drivers attempt to shave the last few tenths off their laptimes and for Robert Graf’s first full season in the DOM/GNL, the sound has brought more bad luck to the fore. To read his race report from Texas, click “Read More”, below.

“Since Texas didnt work the first time round, I had quite a good feeling on the second try. After all, it wasnt my fault the last time. So I joined the server on thursday and got two suprises at once. First, the new tire model was way different then the old one, so setups still worked, but very uterly useless. Second, I was invited to join the DIHL junior team, Happy Children Racing. Remember, these are the guys I have been running the races with since last season, but only as a guest, not a member. This brought a big advantage: team-setups made by the multi-time champion himself, simracing legend Andy Wilke.

I started the race in 22nd and tried to avoid all wrecks or even close calls. Patentiently and cautiously, I raced my way trough the field, especially on the end of a stint I could get my opponents. With 10 laps to go I was in the TOP10 and everything seemed perfect. But a lapped car came up to me with so much more speed that I panicked and hit the wall coming out of turn2. The new bouncy walls did the rest and I even took the poor guy with me. After a long pitstop and another yellow I limped across the line in 14th place.

I had caused the yellow, no doubt about that, so another 4 points were added to my penalty score. So, 17 penalty points after Martinsville, 10 points removed by my DNS in Sonoma, 4 added again after Texas, what does that mean? Exactly, exclusion from the start in Bristol. But as my team chief put it: “There are worse things then being excluded from Bristol.” And in Talladega I can race properly again, only 1 penalty point remains.”

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