X-Plane Seneca from Carenado

Looking for a light twin to explore the world of X-Plane? Carenado might have the answer with their version of the venerable, but still popular, PA-34 Seneca II.

The Seneca is used around the world for twin engine training, air taxi, light business aircraft or just a simple tourer with the capability to lift more than a single engined aircraft, so it’s an excellent introduction to the world of multi-engined flight. Carenado’s package comes with custom avionics, sounds and more coding above and beyond that default to the host sim. For full details and to purchase, visit the product page.

The developers do ask potential purchasers to note that although the Seneca will work properly in X-Plane 10, it was not developed specifically for that platform and is missing some of the latest features. A full compatibility patch to XP10 is planned.

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  1. Bought the PA-34 Seneca tonight for Xplane 9 running Linux. The model does not appear to function properly; ie NAV and COM frequencies cannot be changed, no engine sound but other sounds can be heard and weather does not reflect the settings. I was wondering if the model is for XPlane for Windows only???

    Ray Woods

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