Rise of Flight issue May Newsletter

In their latest newsletter, WW1 flight sim Rise of Flight developers 777Studios have announced their next upcoming DLC packages are available for pre-order and another sale of their existing catalogue.

The next new additions cover weapon modifications which can be added to aircraft, giving the user some advantage in the battles for early air supremacy. In addition to new weapons fits and loadouts, one of the new features is the ability to tilt upper-wing mounted guns for an attack from underneath and behind an enemy. Full details can be found on the store page of the RoF site.

While checking out the Weapon Mods in their site’s store, you might also want to take advantage of some of the savings available on aircraft and other expansions – however the sale, coinciding with RoF’s third anniversary, today, ends on May 12th, so you might want to get in quickly. One thing that isn’t mentioned as being in the sale in the newsletter is the”Iron Cross Edition” versions of the sim. If you’re looking for those, both boxed and download editions can still be found at simMarket.


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