AoA 737NGX Training – Pressurization


Get another free sample of the extensive training for the PMDG 737 NGX by Angle of Attack.

This time it’s about pressurization, giving a lesson about atmosphere and oxygen before the pressurization controls and modes.

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  1. Hummm, I’m not getting any Pressurization, except for my Husaky Dog Breathing on me while I’m trying to fly. I can’t find the switch to turn her off either, houston control, we have a problem !

  2. You don’t want the pressure to build too much anyway, dogs have a nasty habit of letting all that pressure go at once and the air isn’t conditioned either.

  3. To truly understand pressure, you need to have a cat.

    The amount of pressure applied when the entire mass of what is, apparently, a very small and light animal, is transferred through one or more very small points, can unofficially be measured in how loud the recipient of the mass transfer yelps.

    The official measurement unit is ‘psi’: “Pain per Sharp Implement”.

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