European Bus Simulator 2012

Astragon is mainly known for their best sellers titles like Farming Simulator and Skiregion Simulator.

In their new catalogue entryΒ European Bus Simulator 2012, “you will find an abundance of possibilities to finish your missions” and “every technical detail of your bus has been reproduced true-to-live” according to the product description.

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  1. Has anyone got this working with a steering wheel and pedals?

    I received a demo of it to try (not the full version, just the same demo that anyone can download, apparently) and tried driving it with my Logitech G25 FFB steering wheel, but it was impossible to configure properly, so had a massive dead zone on every axis and the input sensitivity of an ancient supertanker.

    I’m just wondering whether this was just a ‘feature’ of the demo, or is an issue with the full version as well?

    1. Hey dude, I have the same issue.
      At control options the “game pad/steering wheel” is not even accessible. I see it but cannot click it.
      I even tried F 11 in game but nothing…
      I have the Ferrari 3-1 force feedback.
      It’s strange…
      Any luck? I’ve looked all over the net and nada…

  2. I have thrustmaster ferrari GT experience racing wheel but its not detected by the game.
    I played many previous bus and truck simulator my wheel works fine but with this game nothing happens.
    Any help would really be appreciated. πŸ™‚

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