How’re your writing skills?

I have received a complaint!

Well, two actually, but while neither of them were entirely correctly targetted, they both did highlight issues that are affecting the entire hobby and industry at present, with simFlight being no exception. There’s more ground to cover than ever before and we have fewer people able to do so than we had.

To cut a long story short, we’re looking for at least one, possibly more than one, person to help write reviews and articles for simFlight’s International English Language site – the one you’re reading this on.

If you have a good grasp of the English language and are willing to put the time and effort in that is required to write balanced and informative reviews, for any simulator that you use, then we’re interested in hearing from you.

What we’d like is a review of something you already have, preferably in a plain text format (e.g. Microsoft Notepad), backed up with a small number of screenshots to support the text.

It doesn’t have to be a massively in-depth review of the entirety of X-Plane 10, or every single function that is included with the PMDG B737NGX package (although you’re welcome to do either if you wish!) and it can be of almost any product you wish to write about, although one with both good points and limitations will give a better idea to the management team of your writing style.

Products for review purposes can usually be made available by simMarket or by contacting the developer, but to start with, we’d like you to pick something you already have access to. Examples of previously published reviews and the format we’d like you to follow can be found by visiting the “reviews” page, either via the tab at the top, or by clicking here.

Submissions should be made by e-mail to, including your review text and screenshots as attachments and also, please, including a short description of the simulator(s) that you use, the type of products you would like to review and an idea of your level of experience with flight simulation.

We look forwards to hearing from you soon!

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