Alaska scenery preview for MS Flight

Microsoft will add a second region of the world after Hawaii to their latest game Flight.

A few preview shots of Alaskan Wilderness DLC expansion have been uploaded to the official website.

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  1. This is just what Microsoft wanted to do. They wanted total control and revenue from addons, thus eliminating the “competitors” and adding to the Microsoft revenue stream. Nice. Microsoft blew it with this entire idea. Thanks Microsoft, but no thanks.

  2. I would buy FS9/FSX/FS 5.1 before I will ever use MS Flight. If they want us back make FSXI…!

  3. I believe MS FLIGHT is in the right track, using the right strategy and giving me the best flight simulator experience/fun I ever had in my more than 25 yrs of flightsimming…

    From a RL pilot perspective, I can also say that MS FLIGHT is giving me the closer to real experience I ever tried in any flightsim game on a PC.

    Looking fwd for Alaska and future DLCs 🙂

    Loving MS FLIGHT 😉

  4. Having invested so much in FSX I am unwilling to invest further in a restrictive modelled environment depending heavily on Microsoft’s whim of what they will release next. Also restrictive number of planes. Very ungenerous to give only two or three model airpplanes to start. Perhaps if they chucked in free planes with each new release of scenery? At least with FSX you had a bland whole world – but a whole world non-the-less were you could actively fly a variety of airplanes from day one. Anybody done the math on this? (i.e. how much for say just North and South America, or West Europe with 5 new planes purchased? MS aircraft modelling previous to this has been middle of the road with one or two exceptions. –

  5. Yes now this looks like a rip off because you receive less and pay more (often). With no possibility of freeware. If MS thought it had lost revenue then why not jump in again on the addon market? No one better than them would have been best prepared as they would know their own SDK. I remember MS used to create some pretty good addons for FS5, FS95 and FS98, like Hawaii, las vegas, washington dc, a west coast scenery with LA, Hollywood, Catalina island and adventure flights with real audio. This feels like trying to prevent OTHER companies from having revenue, not increasing theirs. I could be wrong.

  6. They are the ones that are going to lose out anyway! They *BLEEP* enough people off based on the here-say of major fs developers in getting their alot of input for flight and then letting them crash. The only fool in flight will be the developer themself (MS). I will not play the so called game when I can get the real thing from other companies like Aerosoft, Simflight, Orbx, Flight1, etc. Why pay Ballmer!

  7. It’s funny… People on FS sites say Microsoft “blew it”, “failed”, “disaster”, but when Microsoft staff involved with Flight are interviewed, they say “quite happy”, “better than expected”, “as planned”.

  8. As far as my personal opinion is concerned, I will not buy Microsoft Flight. I am not interested in this product.

  9. For someone who doesn’t care, Owen, you certainly have a lot to say about how much you dislike it. 😉

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