DOM-GNL Roundup

We haven’t posted any of these for a while, for a variety of reasons, so it’s time for a bit of a catch up on Robert Graf‘s first full season in iRacing’s DOM-GNL racing league.

There are three race reports behind the cutline, covering the oval races at Darlington, Charlotte (Night) and Dover speedways. Click “Read more” below to see how Robert is getting on – other than the rearranged bodywork shown above, that is!

Darlington #14:

Some say she is the black lady, some say she is to tough too tame. After the race there i would say she’s a b…, never had i fought so hard to keep my car on the track. Never since my first rookie races have i been in the wall so often. And never was i more exhausted after a race, where i managed to get to a 13th place with difficulties. And that is all i have to say about this race.

Charlotte Night #15:

Normally i like those kind of ovals. But the setup was a bit slow this time, couldn’t get the front tires to grip after 10 laps into a stint. Tried to correct it at the pits, but only on the last stint the car was running better, most of the time i was just too tight to really go for it. On the yellows i got lucky a couple of times, missing spinning cars by inches. My pit crew was working just perfect, i allways gained positions on the stops. After all, my second top ten this season and im beginning to climb towards the top 15 in overall standings. Things look promising again.

Dover #16:

Seems like the summer has hit the series. And while everybody was out enjoying the warm weather only 18 drivers were on the grid to race. This is usual for this time of the season and a great opportunity for the hardcore simmers to gain positions and points. I had mixed feelings about this race. After all it was in Dover were i had my season best last year. But not too happy with the setup from master Andreas Wilke i could only hope for the distance and many yellows. Unfortunatly there was only 1(!) yellow on lap 17 and the rest was green flag racing. So, positions had to be made on the track and could only be lost in the pits. Running 13th on the first caution i allready knew that without help a TOP10 finnish would be very hard, the car wasn’t fast enough on the long runs. And then i fumbled my first green flag pitstop massively and all chances were gone. However, finishing in 14th place got me higher in overall standings and i’m running 18th now.

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